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[SPAM COMMENTS FOR ONE BACK AND A TBH] She had been suffering tormenting pain, as the voices that had circled her told others to not believe the golden girl who elicited sweet words from her ruby hued lips, they had said. They claimed she was a sinner, one who was heartless. They painted a false image upon her, every mirror shattering upon the touch of her broken curse. Her skin radiated from the withering flowers that had once touched her skin, that were once beautifully blossoming, was now gone. She had stripped the imaginations that were filled with potential, beautiful colors and that were filled with viability. The words that were once sweet as honey became foul, a salty savor similar to the vital fluid that had flowed throughout her body. She felt the crimson liquid come out of her lip, as she wiped off the deep crimson color. She pushed up these voices around her into a room, that slowly had began to grow into a mansion that she was lost in. These voices held onto her and let her suffer, as they seemed to settle into the huge mansion. The promised to never open the doors, but instead to burn these thoughts. She thought that she had freed herself, but she was trapped in the mansion, handcuffed to what she once thought was happiness. SOPHIA KALISTA HSIEH. 22. SUB. NOT INTERESTED. BRAT AND PRINCESS. RICH. KOREAN-JAPANESE-TAIWANESE. ADDICT TO SUSHI AND MILK TEA. FOOD ADDICT. LOVER OF PASTA. HAS FOUR HOMES. STUDIED ABROAD IN SYDNEY AND BERLIN. WENT TO AN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IN TAIWAN AND JAPAN. SHOPPING ADDICT. HAS A SWEET TOOTH. WARM HANDS, COLD HEART. JEWELRY AND EXPENSIVE CLOTHES.