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Young Mom 👩‍👦🤱🏻🤰🏻MS Survivor 💪🏻Adventures in Air Bnb 🏠 Home Maker 🏡💙Super saver💲Mommy Blogger 😊Follow my personal act @rosegold1003

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This beautiful family photo just scratches the surface of how much love we share between the four of us. Three years ago i had no children , had lost my mom and was miserable. But three years later here is my completed family oh so strong and fulling up the void in my heart.words cannot explain how happy i am now.

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It makes me sick what they did to @jussiesmollett its so sad to think what this world is coming to. Lets all raise awareness to stop horrible acts like this . #jussiesmollett #hatecrime #racism #blackpower #stoptheviolence #heartbroken #standupagainstracism #blacklivesmatter

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Still a bit thicker than i used to be. But here i am 5 weeks postpartum vs 40 weeks pregnant. #postpartumbody #5weekspostpartum #40weekspregnant #losingweight #momblogger #body #snapback #mombod #baby #mom #momof2 #youngmom #bodyjourney #mommymonday #lovemyself #selfesteem #nyc #brooklyn #sexy #milf #cherry


I just want to stop and ask everyone to wish my first born , my baby boy a happy happy 2nd birthday. To my son i love you oh so dearly and im so glad i was able to make this a very fun birthday to you . It may not have been a huge party but we had a balloon party in the living room, we had a super blast playing games and eating pizza at chucke cheese , and it was even more fun to watch how happy you were for us to sing happy birthday. Mommy loves you very much baby and i wish u many more happy birthdays 😘♥️♥️

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Princess Maryah 👑🎀💜

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Barely slept in these past 3 weeks but i wouldn’t change a thing.🙏🏻💕😩 #motherhood #nosleep #postpartum #myson #mydaughter #newborn #toddler #momlife #tired #pregnancy #momblogger #love #life #godisawoman #youngmom #mommy #mommyandme #babies #smiles #brooklyn #nyc

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When I was 18 years old i found out I was pregnant 🤰🏻 with my son. I was scared but calm because I knew i would have my mom by my side. Literally 2 weeks after i found this out and told my mom. I got a call to come to the hospital. My mom had passed away 🙏🏻 gone suddenly. This news broke me so deeply. My heart felt empty. But this man stepped up. When i was lost he found a light to lead me out of the dark. When i was sad he held me. He took care of me he loved me. He saved me from the darkness of depression. He filled a place in my heart that was empty. Fast forward 9months later we had a beautiful son. The moment i saw him my heart filled twice over. Over the next two years we grew as a family. We had so many great experiences and times together. But all this time there was a missing piece still empty inside. That piece got filled the moment i held my daughter in my arms. My heart is so full because of you 3. I no longer feel empty. Instead i feel complete🤞🏼👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 i am so grateful for my family. Only god knows how much you all mean to me 🙏🏻♥️

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My son loves his 3 in 1 evenflo high chair. We had it since he was 6 months old. And it has grown and expanded with him all this time . He will be 2 in January and he is still getting a great use out of this product. #loveit #evenflo #evenflohighchair #myson #mommybuys #greatfinds #highchair #almost2 #mybaby #babyproducts #toddlerproducts #toys #momblogger #brooklyn #nyc


This Man right here is the greatest father i could ever ask for , for my children. He is so supportive, so loving , so smart, so caring to our children. It amazes me everyday just how great of a man i chose to create and complete a family with. He works hard everyday to take care of us! He goes out of his way to protect us , and love us and this man has shown me what it means to be family to feel love. I love him so much and appreciate him ten times over . ♥️


Three days Ago i gave birth to the most beautiful angel god could give. After a long HARD pregnancy dealing with MS, SPD, and Sciatica plus chasing after a toddler. I had a super quick labor and delivery baby girl came out in 1 push literally. This Christmas spent with my now complete family of 4 and visits from my siblings and dad has been wonderful . Only person missing is my mom🙏🏻. God has given me so many gifts this year I literally couldn’t ask for nothing for Christmas. Thank you all for sharing my pregnancy journey with me and i hope you will continue to walk the journey of mother hood with me as well. Merry Christmas 🎄♥️🙏🏻


On February 28 2018 I felt a weird burning/stinging sensation on my stomach i didnt know what it was so i ignored it. The very next day March 1st , I woke up in the morning to both of my feet completely numb and stiff as a board i could not feel anything but if i held on i could still walk . I went straight to the hospital. As im laying in the bed waiting for the dr the numbness and stiffness began to rise higher and higher up my legs and stopped right at my mid stomach where i was having the weird sensation on my skin the previous day. I couldn’t feel anything, not even myself go to the bathroom. The doctors did some sensation tests in which i failed completely because I couldn’t move or feel anything. He then ordered a blood test and an MRI . Inside the mri machine i began to have an extreme panic attack. 1) because i couldnt move or feel anything and 2) because of the anxiety of being in a closed dark space. Some how i managed to complete the mri. I laid there, thinking to myself god I am 20 years old please don’t let me die. I just want to go home to my son. The doctors came back and told me they found multiple lesions on the left side of my brain and a few on my spine. They said it was a good chance that I had Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I had no idea what this was or what it meant for me . They told me i would not be going home and that Instead i would have to spend up to a week in the hospital receiving a rigorous steroid treatment along with blood thinners to prevent blood clots. Me and my fiancé were devastated by this. We did not know what it meant for our family . My fiancé stayed with me for as long as he could that night until they told him he had to leave . Anxiety took over me what if i never get to see my lil boy again what if i die while my fiancé was gone? What if i never walk again? That night i cried myself to sleep alone in the hospital . Over the course of the next 5 days i would struggle daily just to go to the bathroom, bathe , sit up and deal with the extreme pain i was feeling from my muscle stiffness , deal with the fact that my life would never be the same again, deal with the severe head aches I’d been getting since receiving

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I can’t believe your going to be 2 next month. You are so bright and smart. I am so proud of you little man💙 #toddler #learning #almost2 #colors #red #blue #green #mybaby #mj #soontobebigbrother #smartkid #babyeinstein #babygenius #myboy #love #life #growth #knowledge #brooklyn #nyc #thursday #mymotivation #myworld #momblogger #lovehim #blackboyjoy #interacialbaby

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Here we are finally made it Any day now we can not wait to meet you baby girl 💗🤰🏻


Its the little things that count! Happy 21st Birthday to me 🎉🎉💗😘 enjoyed my day.