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I'm sorry I've been away around here 😢 - 1. I finished my last project LIVE FOREVER, and I took a break after beating weekly deadlines. I wanted to deliver a very personal story which helped me close an unfortunate chapter of my life: the loss of my brother. - 2. I wanted to be away from here, so please forgive me if you missed my work. - She’s Sarah, the main character, and she’s reading two of the books that helped me to cope with the loss. “It’s Ok That You’re Not Ok” by Megan Divine (@refugeingrief) and “I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye” by Brook Noel & Pamela Blair. I choose them because they're not related to any religion and cover a more general psychological aspect Which is what I was looking for. - But please tell me, did you finishing reading LIVE FOREVER? If not, please go ahead because the story is ended. Link in my bio. - ESPAÑOL Siento haberme distanciado por acá. - 1. Terminé mi último proyecto, LIVE FOREVER, y tomé un descanso después de cumplir con los plazos semanales. Quería entregar una historia muy personal que me ayudó a cerrar un capítulo desafortunado de mi vida: la pérdida de mi hermano. - 2. Quería estar lejos de aquí, así que perdóname si te perdiste mi trabajo. - Ella es Sarah, el personaje principal, y está leyendo dos de los libros que me ayudaron a hacer frente a esta pérdida. "Está bien que no estés bien" por Megan Divine (EN español por Ediciones Obelisco) y "I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye" por Brook Noel y Pamela Blair. Los elejí porque no están relacionados con ninguna religión y cubren un aspecto psicológico más general, que es lo que estaba buscando. - Pero por favor dime, ¿terminaste de leer LIVE FOREVER? Si no, por favor sigue adelante porque la historia ha terminado. Enlace en mi biografía (Historia en inglés). - #grieving #grief #livecourageously #goodread #linewebtoon

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Chiba - Japan ❤️❤️❤️ . Pic by ✨@yuuya__d850✨ #bestplacestogo for a feature ❤️


Kaiseki - - Kaiseki cuisine is most notably known for its meticulous preparation and absolutely gorgeous presentation. Some Kaiseki meals can have more than 14 courses! There is no formula for kaiseki, it’s up to each individual chef on how to interpret the meal as a whole, however each course does have a specific name. This particular course in the video is called—Hassun (八寸)—it also happens to be my favorite!!! - - Hassun is always the second course, and sets the theme and/or aesthetic of the entire meal. I had the greatest pleasure of my life to learn the exacts of this art from chef Matinee Nakajima of @browns_field along with angels @steph_shep & @caraasantana - - There are traditionally many small ingredients, elements, and flavors plated together during the Hassun course. Pictured above is red daikon radish sushi, carrot canola flower, compressed Yuzu, grilled rice lees, shiitake mushroom, snow pea, and many local herbs. EVERY SINGLE ELEMENT of this course was absolutely delicious! Kaiseki can include seafood, or meat however this particular kaiseki was 100% plant-based _ - I am so completely, and deeply moved by this experience. I will be mentally revisiting this experience forever and ever. I cannot wait to dive even deeper into this part of my heritage, and the nuances of all the different kinds of Japanese cuisine - - All my love to the @shiseido and @wasoofficial team on gifting me with this beautiful experience. Words are hardly good enough in sharing how much this place means to me. Even just walking down the street here feels remarkable. I’ve still got more time in Japan, and I’m already plotting my return this year for an even longer stay. - - I love you all❤️ #kaiseki #plantbased #japan #hassun #farmtotable


Old photo because I’ve been so busy this week with school. We have a test everyday😱hahaha! I’m going to get back into posting now tho. Disney sea tomorrow...🥳!

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久しぶりにセローのタイヤをチューブレスに戻し春の風を感じに日帰りツーリングしてきました(・∀・)🌸 しばらくバイクで出かけてなかったので久しぶり長閑な里をふらふら徘徊してたら心がリフレッシュ😌 立派な鯉のぼりが揚がっていてしばらく眺めていました🎏( ^ω^ ) #セロー #ヤマハ #鯉のぼり #irc #カメラ持ってきたが使わない問題

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. 心踊るカラフルなチューリップ🌷が 続いてるので(まだまだ終わらないヨーε⁃(˃᷄ε ˂᷅ ๑)ww) 日曜夜は心落ち着く青のネモフィラを   💠☘️💠☘️💠☘️💠☘️💠☘️💠☘️💠☘️💠   千葉県  #ネモフィラ #wp _flower #はなまっぷ #私の花の写真 #花フレンド #myheartinshots #flower _special_ #inspring _shot #loves _flowers_ #flowers _andlife #ip _blossoms #花びら大回転2019 #rainbow _petals #great _flowers #best _moments_flower #team _jp_flower #meiko _flora #lovely _flowergarden #flowers _super_pics #loves _flowers_ #tv _flowers #fleur _noblesse #lovely _flowergarden #world _bestflower #fm _flowers_ #great _flower #world _bestflower

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みんなでいちご狩り🍓 お腹いっぱいすぎる☄️☄️☄️ #strawberry #いちごがり #千葉 #japanesegirl #いちご #お腹いっぱい