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#fokus 🎯 In unserer Story hab ich euch heute erzählt, welches tolle Manifestations-Tool das Visionboard ist. Aber was heisst eigentlich Manifestieren? . Manifestieren ist nix anderes, als etwas von einer feinstofflichen Ebene, also unseren Gedanken, in eine feststoffliche Ebene, also, das was wir Realität nennen, zu holen. . Jetzt gibt es Schlaumeier, die uns erzählen, du müsstest nur viel positiv denken und dir alles ganz genau vorstellen (wie auf dem Visionboard) und irgendwann steht dann auch der Porsche vor der Garage.‼️Problem: Bei den allermeisten steht da kein Porsche und auch sonst nix, was sie fleissig aufs Visionboard gekritzelt haben! . 👁 Weil der Fokus fehlt! Bzw. unsere Gedanken mal beim Porsche, mal bei der Millionen, mal beim Traumpartner oder sonst wo sind. Und auch nur dann, wenn uns gerade danach ist. Wir zerstreuen uns, lassen uns ablenken, wünschen uns dieses und jenes.⛔️ . Was wir aber zum Manifestieren brauchen, ist ein Laserfokus!!!💥 Das heisst auch, sich JEDEN TAG die Frage zu stellen: Was kann ich HEUTE für meine Vision tun? Prioritäten setzen. Arbeiten. Festbeissen. . Manifestieren ist ein energetischer, kraftvoller Prozess, kein Wunschkonzert, sorry Guys! Aber einmal entfesselt, ist es genau der Prozess, der dich von deinem Traumleben trennt! So, work on it!💪🏼 🔻🔻🔻 Hast du dich schon einmal mit Manifestation beschäftigt? Nutzt du Tools wie Visionboards? . . #manifestation #manifestieren #visionboard #traumleben #modernespiritualität #hierundjetzt #riseupandshine

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so far away 🎶🌹 Wie gehts euch mit diesem 🌧-Wetter so? Ich wär bereit für ☀️ #explore #railway #mohn #sky #athomeoutdoors #reality #klatschmohn #clouds #moody #scenery #rain #wind #faded #sofaraway #relax #nature #nationalgeographic #south #vacation #flowers #gratitude #love #mapify

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✨Darling, let’s get beautifully lost✨ . One of my biggest fears of solo travel was getting lost. Navigation has never been one of my strong suits, so having to figure out a completely new city on my own on the fly was more than a little intimidating. . But can you guess what my favorite moments of my trip were? Getting lost. Finally making it to this beautiful spot on Petrin Hill was quite the adventure. I walked up an enormous switchback in this dress as cars whizzed past me at a distance that couldn’t have been more than a foot from my face. As I made my way up the hill, I learned to trust myself, built confidence, and tapped into a navigational side I never knew I had. Plus, by taking the long way, I stumbled upon some beautiful sights which became incredible photo opportunities that I never would have had by taking public transportation. By the time I finally reached this spot on Petrin Hill, I felt like I conquered a new planet. My creativity was at an all time high. I wanted to shoot every leaf and twig I came across. . Looking back now, I wouldn’t trade all the nervousness I felt for the chance to feel “safe.” I know now that an overabundance of “safe” is the enemy to personal growth. . Have you ever let yourself get beautifully lost? What did you discover along the way? . 📸: Me (tripod) . . . . . #prague #petrinhill #praguestagram #pragueworld #visitprague #sofetravel #solotraveling #whimsicalwonderfulwild #roamingwomen #wanderlustwednesday #athomeoutdoors #naturegramy #womenwhowander #wanderingwomen #theeverygirltravels #globelletravels #shetravels #theviewfromhere #prettylittletrips #wekeepmoments #shewhowanders #thedailyadventurer #travelgirls #speechlessplaces #visualwanderlust #liveforthestory #traveldreams #suitcasetravels #ladieslovetravel #huffposttravel

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Missing the good weather days! Hopefully more and better jumps coming soon in Bovec. @ernestogainza #gogainza

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Day 5 - Cowling to Malham. I first negotiated plenty of farmers fields before dropping into Lothersdale, it was early so no pub stop here. A quick stomp over Elshaw moor saw me going through Thornton in Craven, gorgeous little village, but it had the most irritating gap stile. Not quite wide enough for my pack, I looked like a dog with a big stick trying to get through a doorway. A lovely little bimble along the canal brought me to Gargrave, where I had a pit stop and stocked up at the shops. The river walk to Malham was lovely, lots of wild garlic out, but also lots of cows with their calves, eek. Once at Malham I had a fabulous tea at The Buck Inn, nom nom tasty, def recommend. #pennineway #nationaltrail #longdistancewalking #ldwa #malham #adventure #camping #hiking #womenwhohike #athomeoutdoors #getoutside #wanderlust #walking #yorkshire #yorkshiredales