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A big shout out to Keely O’Keeffe @upgrade_your_life_ who kicked off The Empowered Woman Collective talking all things energy, vibration and frequency. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Keely and being part of our journey❤️ #upgradeyourlife #raiseyourvibe #love #happiness #awakening #spirituality #chakras #growth #connection #crystals #empoweredwoman #theempoweredwomancollective

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Do you think word is the most powerful force known to man?

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Who is dividing us? Comment below with your suspect!

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Jesus Christ empathic golden soul too manipulated thee public against him our empaths left him to frightened of thee evil he took thee cross for love of our types 🙏welcome to my shrine I sit daily feeling my/our gods kings spirits thanking I got through it all I’m here still breathing keeping my cool when ever any negative toxic human strikes only for my flesh sakes two highly intelligent sensitive boys granddaughter that’s all I have I only class blood family them extreme toxic use many tactics to effect our minds feelings hearts bad real life nightmares I sit here keeping my cool exercise music daily routines is a must for me or I hit rock bottom flip at the slightest of things in floods again iv poored my heart gallons of tears to the point my eyes are dry 3 months our empaths do end there own life’s because of extreme pure evil toxic humans make us feel worthless they carry no remorse no guilt no shame it’s always a sensitive empathetic soul who absorb an suffer prison through protection or petty crimes to survive we always been labelled as crazy human rights against our types list is endless what they’ve all done to me/you empaths sexually abused names always tarnished self harming once in the messed up mental health systems no one comes near us our types fight wars killing each other on our streets drug abuse masking pain we all have high addictive personalities get bored very easily our sensitive in tune children labelled thick adhd my eyes no such thing understand loving our children unconditionally guiding them on the right path getting bullied always at the back of the class another true fact we empaths are born intelligent amazing investigators intuitions gut feelings never wrong about humans seriously get manipulated by them open your minds it is a muscle an muscle repair in the right care guidance love especially don’t think many on our planet as felt the power of god born again Christian I was born a golden empathetic empathy warriors🙏warrior #warriors #awakening #religion #rebornchristian #positivevibes #empathetic #empaths #spirits #tunes #music #positivequotes #history #kings #specialforces #veterans #mentalhealthawareness #respect #love

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Release the emotional cord... they have their own path # letthemgo ❤️💚🧡💙💛💜🖤💜💛💙🧡💚 • • • • • #spiritual #spirituality #meditation #consciousness #enlightenment #universe #awakening #momlife #loveandlight #wisdom #lightworker #chakra #metaphysical #crystals #energy #meditate #spirit #knowledge #soul #zen #namaste #chakras #peace #healing #dad #parents #lawofattraction #mom #manifest #mind

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I am psychic Veronica💕 (my full life reading tells past present and future focuses on all aspects of life such as love career life destiny 20$ )💕 ( twin flame tells past present future also focuses on all aspects but is mainly focused on love life marriage relationships twin flame finding and marriage reconnecting 25$)💕#spiritual #love #meditation #spirituality #spiritualawakening #peace #god #yoga #healing #life #motivation #inspiration #quotes #soul #art #wisdom #faith #crystals #mindfulness #enlightenment #psychic #chakras #consciousness #universe #awakening #nature #energy #lightworker #goodvibes #bhfyp

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We’ve had a lot of inquiries on these Rose Quartz pieces and they will all be available for sale this Sunday at the #PatchworkShow in Santa Ana, Ca from 11-5pm. Find our booth on 2nd St. And Sycamore. We want to see you all there!!!! @dearhandmadelife . . . #handmade #jewelry #crystals #gemstones #pendants #bracelets #beads #healingjewelry #sacredgeometry #seedoflife #floweroflife #handmadejewelry #energy #chakras #mindfulness #intuition #meditation #yoga #awakening #consciousness #follow #shop #support #buyhandmade #local #art #artists #smallbusiness

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This quote came through in one of my sessions this week, and it says it all. #truth ••• To become who we want to be, we have to know ourselves and to know ourselves; we have to clear the monkey mind. ••• Most of the time, we walk around in our meat suits, oblivious to the signs that our higher-self and/or guides are trying to drop on us. 😗😴😂 ••• Looking back, I can remember several times where spirit was trying to drop some serious knowledge, but I just thought it was either crazy coincidence or my inner dialogue. ••• Now when they send me number sequences or a stranger says something that I know was specifically for my ears, I just laugh in gratitude. 🙏🏼😊 ••• Yesterday, I walked into a restaurant, and there was a sign with this quote that I have on my website. Right before that, I was compiling all of these quotes that have been coming in from my sessions. And I just laughed. Message received! On the right track. 🧖🏼‍♀️🧖🏼‍♂️🎯 ••• Here is the quote: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." One of the tools that helped me immensely on my journey was using binaural beats during my meditations. I had SUCH a hard time slowing down my monkey mind. If you are at all struggling with this, binaural beats will change EVERYTHING. ••• I recently worked with a sound designer to create a specific track to help my clients connect with their higher-self. It's a Beta track tuned to the frequency of 33 Hz (Christ consciousness and the pyramid frequency), layered with 211.44 Hz, which is Neptune's orbitary frequency: connection to the unconscious soul, imagination and spiritual love. 🌀✨🧖🏼‍♀️ ••• You can download it for free here: Just listen to the track with headphones on, clear all thoughts from your mind, and focus on the tone. Try this for 21 days and see what kind of magic unfolds! 🙏🏼✨❤️

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In the land of Egypt, along the banks of the Nile River, there exists the focus of the Great White Brotherhood dedicated to preserving the Cosmic Flame of Ascension. The Ascension Temple at Luxor sustains the pulsation of the Ascension Flame in the atmosphere of Earth. Those of the human race who awaken in each century with the desire to complete the cycles of incarnation become the responsibility of the Ascension Brotherhood. Their service to Life is to create the opportunity of necessary initiations for the neophytes who come to Luxor to qualify for Ascension. Serapis Bey, Lord of Love, explains that Luxor provides the opportunity for spiritual development. The Ascension Flame at Luxor, and the one generated in Telos, both hold the same frequencies and are available for the people of Earth. This flame is utilized freely by the nature kingdom in its resurrection each successive season of spring. From Lord Serapis Bey: The candidate for Ascension must meet "seven major initiations." The candidate must successfully pass through the disciplines of the Seven Great Temples. "I am embodied discipline," says Serapis Bey. For centuries most people have feared that discipline. I am dedicated to seeing that you pass through the fires of purification, and that you, who desire the opportunity of gaining your ascension, might persevere until the day of that victory. Angels of the Ascension Temple gather all the praise, adoration, songs, devotion and blessings sent upward by individuals in congregational or individual worship. These energies created by devotional practices are carefully woven into the ever-widening spiritual....

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I get influenced by a lot in life, but I would definitely say that my biggest influence outside of music is sci-fi. I don’t want to say that I’m a nerd. I honestly don’t know enough details to call myself that, but I am a fan, a huge fan. Star Wars, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Tron, Bladerunner, Ghost In The Shell, you name it, I’m there. People normally look at sci-fi and shake their heads. They don’t get why I so willingly spend and hour or two in front of a show with colorful laser beams or weird looking aliens that are trying to rule the galaxy. Well. I think they’re missing the point. First off, escapism is important in a society that demands so much from us. I live in reality hours upon end. To come home and escape it for a while is golden to me. I don’t want a drama show, showing me another person’s reality. I want spaceships and extraterrestrials. But the most important reason why I watch these shows, or read these books, is because there always seem to be a deeper meaning hidden in the seemingly silly plot. You sit there, rolling your eyes at bad fx or ET looking things, when suddenly you realize they’re all just like us. No enemies, no allies. No black or white, good or bad. We all live in the grey areas. All of us. We are not saints. To take this existentialism and push it to the edge is something you can do even easier if you paint the “villain” green and call him an alien. You can push the agenda further that way because it’s so clear, he’s meant to be the bad guy. As the episode near the end, you realize the story was more intricate than you thought. The alien you laughed at has become someone you sort of understand. To me, there’s magic in these over the top stories. While we’re so busy calling ourselves the normal ones, we miss the deeper meaning of things. Sometimes it takes an alien for you to recognize you’re more alike than you think. In my music, I take what I learned from these shows. I think the most important lesson is that what appear alien often isn’t alien at all, but a clearer image of yourself, before society told us we are better, more pure and overall way more normal than anyone else. We need to be more humble than that.