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When you go to the aparteid museum you are randomly assigned either 'white' or 'non-white' status and you enter via your designated door. A poignant way to remind us of the arbitrary nature of racial classifications◻️◼️ Diary day 245📒 today I went sightseeing in Joburg 😊 first I went to constitutional hill which previously was the site of a notorious prison often referred to as Number 4 (after the name of the block which housed black male prisoners) and now is the site of South Africa's constitutional court. I did a tour around no. 4 and the court which was excellent. Going around the cells was a humbling and harrowing experience, especially the isolation cells where we learnt how cell 13 was lucky as it was the only one with a view to the courtyard. Also awful to see was the outside toilets, in full view, especially when we learnt that there were only 12 for 2000 prisoners. Many political prisoners were held in the cells and there was an interesting exhibition on Ghandi and Mandela, with some great quotes from the two men. I also enjoyed the room which displayed the blanket sculptures which inmates would build to please cell boss and earn privileges as well as providing an artistic release. Visiting constitution square I saw the flame of democracy and then walked up the great African steps which take you from the past (the jail) to the future (the court). The design of the courthouse was amazing with transparent glass walls to represent transparency and lots of symbolism inside relating to sitting under trees (a metaphor for the African tradition) . The architects used bricks from the old jail and incorporated them into the design of the building so that the bricks that were used to violate people's rights were now repurposed to protect them (there was lots of poetic imagery!) I also enjoyed seeing the sculpture which looked like lots of jaggered rods but when you stand in the right spot you can see Mandela's face. TBC next post (too much to say!!) 🔹 🔹 🔹 #travel   #solotravel #mytraveldiary #traveldiary   #lovetravel #backpacking #solotraveller   #365project   #travelblog  #sheisnotlost #traveltheworld #explore   #africa #joburg

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Being a tourist is my favorite occupation ... the heavy bag on my back, sore feet, but smile on my face.. at least for the pic! .. #londonbridge #tourist #london #slovakgirl #backpacking #londoner

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After hiking 11km over 4 hours we finally arrived at Cow bay! Red rocks, Cow bay . #hiking #hikingtrip #backpacking #backcountry #getoutdoors #adventure #explore #vancouverisland #pnw #camping #campinglife #outdooradventures #wilderness #nature #mountains

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Get up there look cool and see the beautiful view that awaits! ... Follow us @envirohike Follow us @envirohike ... Use our tag #envirohike in your posts! ... #mountains #hikerlife #hikingtheglobe #hikingadventures #outdoorlovers #backpacking #nature #lovehiking #snow #gooutside #adventure #explore

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The perfect morning dip. 😌 I once read this really interesting book called “Renegade Beauty” by @livinglibations (highly recommend, but be warned it’s a trip and will question your notions of ‘wellness’ for the better). 🌸 Pared-down, it’s basically a book of natural remedies and potions for holistic godliness, but in its full capacity, it’s really a supplementary guide to happiness. 💫 One part of the book focuses on this concept called “nature bathing”. 🌲 Nadine stresses the importance of being naked in the elements for balancing out your energy and I can’t agree more. 🌿 Get your feet dirty, rough up that microbiome and liberate your soul through your buttcrack. 🔮 . . . . . #renegadebeauty #lake #backpacking #skinnydipping #sunshinecoasttrail #pnw #explorebc #hikebc #travel #explore #wanderlust

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Facing the sun, against the wall, on top of the Fortress 🌞 #belgrade #serbia #backpacking