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BOUNDARIES - - The natural cultivated force that allows us to see when someone is projecting their shit. We all have unresolved pain at different levels, but High 5 to those that aren’t throwing it at others, but instead receive the message from the experience and explore it further for their own healing. You know who benefits from this everyone! #boundaries #ownyourstuff #truth #letitgo #innerpeace #innerwork #selfresponsibility #freedom

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Daily reminder for all of you humans out there. Well okay, for wannabe aliens too (you know who you are❤️). 👽 This is your life. YOURS. Your sweet mama worked so hard for you and gave her body for you to grow so you could have a life. Your OWN life where you get to be the director and the creator. Your life and energy is not for someone else to be used. Only you know what is best for you. Sometimes we all need a reminder, a sign, if we feel lost. Sometimes we are conditioned to give our own power and inner compass away because we need to be liked. But enough is enough. People can tell you that you need to follow them or even start to threat you when you, always the kind one who is usually the one who is saying yes yes your wish is my command, begin to really draw a line of boundaries and begin to say NO THANK YOU. They are shit scared and angry when your start to take care of yourself more and stop feeding them. You are giving so much away that you feel drained. Always someone wants something from you. But they have to hear you say NO. NO is healing. NO tells us who we are and where we are going to. NO gives space for a bigger YES. Are you ready to say YES to life? YES to you? YES to feeling natural extacy, bliss, inside of you? YES to owning this one beautiful life in this one beautiful body? YES to accept big love and peace in your life? Ps. Even the Aliens have boundaries and they want to be happy. Trust me, I know. . . . . . #quoteofthefday #healing #aliens #humans #boundaries #healthy #sayno #sayyes #noisno #partyhard #loveharder #life #love #lifeohlife #queen #preach

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Nature is not a place to visit.It is home. #whenweclick #nature #boundaries #click #photography #lovenature #jdantravel #trees #clouds #life .

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I went back to visit her before she wasn't there anymore. I held her 20 year old self. I told her not to be ashamed of her kindness, but to gain discernment and wisdom from the unfortunate events. Her kindness was not what caused her hurt, it was the acts of others who took advantage of her light. It was a reflection of what was happening within themselves. I told her that one day, instead of running, she would feel strong enough to face the places she ran from.Those places would hold the key to her healing. I came back for you, didn't I? I told you I would carry the empathy that you would need. I held you. I healed you. I am the Woman you needed when you were younger. I have arrived. Never apologize for who you are, sweetheart. And do not ever lose your fearlessness.Thank you for letting me honor you this weekend.🌹🙏🏼 #austin #bebrave #boundaries #theyoungerself #grieve #laidtorest #strongfutureself #thewisewoman #flowerseverywhere

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• Breaking my own boundaries • |Air freezin at District east party battle| #battle #hiphop #break #crew #dancer #Method #Breaking #boundaries #growth #dreadsintheair #dreads #Charleroi 🕉

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#menbathroom #unspoken #boundaries #rules #memesdaily

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LEAVE AND GET YOUR POWER BACK. . . We are 2 Lebanese Healers based in Dubai and in Beirut experienced in helping people recover from Narcissistic Abuse. Let us help you Amal and Patrick . . . . . #psychopaths #boundary #narcissism #narcissistfree #reikihealer #emotionalabuse #narcissist #narcissisticabuse #anxiety #boundaries #sociopath #depression #dubai #psycho #toxicpeople #meditation #cheating #soulmate #quoteoftheday #narcissists #abuse #toxicrelationship #narc #emirates #energyvampire #letscomehome #ptsd #beirut #lebanon #twinflame

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Feels so good to put some very clear words around what I’ve felt in my body for so long. . . I was recently in a situation where someone decided to take an action based on the flawed maxim “better to ask forgiveness than seek permission.” When I expressed my discomfort with the situation, I received an apology with several potential reparations that included creating an alternative ‘narrative’ to how the situation had actually unfolded - i.e. changing the story. As someone who highly values integrity and respect, I wanted to take the apology at face value, but I also felt even more uncomfortable. When I indicated which offered option I was leaning towards as my preference, rather than recognition, accountability and action, I received a reply that the person was now pissed off... My body responded immediately - it felt like manipulation, a wormy feeling starting in the pit of my stomach and spreading through my entire body. And for probably the first time in my life, rather than being ‘nice’ and ‘reasonable’ and negotiating an alternative option that the other person preferred, I thanked the body signals that show me my boundaries, and decided I really don’t need to accept being manipulated. To be honest, it didn’t actually feel good or easy at the time to create such a strong boundary, to stand up for the truth in my body and soul. I would much prefer harmony and peaceful, respectful resolution. And I don’t blame the other person - I don’t know the life circumstances and internal processes that led to this situation, and we all make mistakes. We aren’t always able to see our actions and their impacts clearly, and I hope that we can work towards self-awareness and self-accountability as much as possible, and an apology that is followed by respectful, congruent action and change. But I do know that after a lifetime of accepting apologies in the face of manipulation and often being walked over, enough is enough. Thank you @chasinggarza for your words and to @ctznwell for sharing forward. I needed this - we all do 🙏 . . . #respect #speakyourtruth #boundaries #healthyboundaries #integrity #thisisyoga #actionspeaklouderthanwords #humanity

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#decision #attitude #boundaries #expression #choices #values #selflove 💗💗