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  • 9 minutes ago

The best advice I can give myself this summer, just let them be little. Let them make messes, and let them stay up past curfew. These will be their favorite memories. Time to ditch the all day chore list and bedtime routine. Let’s just stay up late, play with hose water, and eat all the otter pops.🌻 #Summer

  • 4 minutes ago

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve showed up to a pool or park a little unprepared🙈 BUT! This summer I’m changing that! I have a pack of water bottles & tons of snacks ( that won’t melt ) that I’m keeping in our van at all times! 👊🏻 ⁣ ⁣ @bobsredmill bars are the perfect summer snack to cure all those hangry blues away. 😉 #bobsredmillandblue #whereyourbartakesyou #ad

N I K K I media on instagram
  • 8 minutes ago

Are you team 🛁 or team 🚿? I’m baths all the way. I will have a shower if pushed and I very very occasionally I surprise myself and actually enjoy one but there is nothing like a good bath in my opinion. Ideally by myself (my son has recently taken to asking to come in with me, which makes for a 99% less relaxing experience but I guess he won’t be asking for long so I need to enjoy these moments while I can.)

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  • 20 minutes ago

Hallo liebes Internettagebuch, ich hätte gerne meinen alten Schlafrhythmus zurück. Der Wecker klingelt zwar wie jeden Morgen um 5:20 Uhr, aber das Einschlafen verlagert sich aktuell dann doch eher auf 23/24 Uhr, wenn die Temperatur in der Wohnung endlich auf eine einigermaßen erträgliche Gradzahl gesunken ist. Kein Wunder, dass ich vorhin nach Feierabend direkt mal eingepennt bin, obwohl ich eigentlich nur kurze meine Füße hochlegen wollte. Hinzu kommt noch der elendige Reizhusten, den ich seit einer Woche mit mir herumschleppe. So schön der Sonnenschein und die Abende draußen auch sein mögen, meine persönliche Lebensqualität macht ab 25 Grad draußen dann doch schnell die Biege. Frage mich, woher manche Leute da noch die Motivation nehmen können, sich noch was zu essen zu kochen. Hatte heute Salat, das muss reichen. Nebenher plätschert gerade noch die Spülmaschine, ne Ladung Wäsche mach ich eben auch noch fertig und überlege mir dann mal nebenher, worüber ich die nächsten Tage hier mal wieder schreiben könnte, da meine Kreativität in letzter Zeit echt zu wünschen übrig lässt. 🙃 . . #moin #thisishome #homedecor #habitandhome #interior4all #interior2you #germaninteriorbloggers #solebich #bedroom #bedroomdecor #mybdrm #minimalist #minimalism #cozyhome #cozybedroom #wohnkonfetti #schönerwohnen #wohnraumliebe #kleinerfeinerfeed

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  • 21 minutes ago

Since last Monday, I have been single momming and let me just tell you that I have crazy respect for single parents or those that have to do it on their own for weeks at a time..having three kids this age and doing everything alone for an entire week is HARD! We stayed busy with friends every day and we skipped nap time/quiet time so that everyone could go to bed at 7:30 🙊 John-David got home last night and we have some happy kiddos and one happy mama!! Tonight I am going to dinner with a couple of friends and I AM SO EXCITED!! I need this!! These three may be a lot of work, but they are my world and I am so thankful for them each and every day. Running into Tuesday with some deep feelings 🤣 #siblinghoodlove

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  • 23 minutes ago

I love our morning adventures..especially before it hits the 90’s☀️ one of dak’s favorite phrases it being told he looks ‘fancyyyy!’ And he definitely does with this adorable bow tie from @shoplittlehoney and these cool shoes from @shooshoosusa - we are so grateful to partner with the best and coolest companies❤️ • • • • • • • #shoplittlehoney #shopsmall #babybowtie #toddlershoes #toddlerfashion #boyfashion #outdoors #livethelittlethings #letthembelittle #momentsofmine #our_everyday_moments #motherhoodrising #babyfashion #kidfashiontrends #kidzstyle #ootdkids #stylishkids #toddlerclothing #trendykids #minifashion #habitandhome #lovemyfam #pocket_sweetness #thepursuitofjoyproject #stopdropandmom #ig_motherhood

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  • 25 minutes ago

“I always start with a good neutral base with different textures. I know over time the kids will add touches of their own personality to their space.” - Styling Children’s Rooms // Words & Photography by Kristen Lopez @raisingfivekind #habitandhome

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  • 59 minutes ago

There’s nothing like coming home from giving birth to a brand new down comforter and pillow. While we were in the hospital, I ordered our @pacificcoastfeather products and shortly after, they arrived on our front door! I promise you, I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud every night. I feel like a new parent hack might be new bedding to help offset the obvious lack of sleep you’ll be facing! Click the link in my bio to order your own #pacificcoastfeather products! #pcfpartner