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You only know its her when you start listening.. Following a path you feel drawn to only to discover something beautiful she wanted you to see Those roses that were out of your reach yesterday The tree blossoms that you thought had all fallen by now The close up of a bee you thought you would never catch She says.. I got you.. What about this? So I listened This is what she wanted to show you BEE PATIENT yours truly xX Gaia and Source Xx #lightworker #empath #wellness #wellbeing #liveinspired #divineguidance #wellnessblogger #wellpreneur #mindbodysoul #mindbodygram #mindbodyspirit #raiseyourvibrations #holisticliving #greenlifestyle #healthyhappylife #wellnessjourney #hippielifestyle #nourishyourself #nontoxicliving #organiclifestyle #fitforme #justbreathe #lookwithin #mantramonday #moveyourbody #hippievibes #inspirationdaily #cleanliving #buttercups

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Our Honey Fragrance Oil (up to 100ml) is 50% off courtesy of #WorldBeeDay ! Use the code WORLDBEEDAY at the checkout. Offer ends 27/05/2019

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CREATE YOURSELF On Saturday I saw @tonyrobbins for the second time which was absolutely amazing! I was thinking when I saw him last year at Unleash the Power Within the many gold nuggets that he shared. One of the moments that sticks out is when he was describing his childhood and life as a young adult which was very challenging and he then shouted out, 'I created myself!' Talk about an aha moment! 💥 You know when you've heard something 1000 times before in a different but that one moment you totally hear it? That's what happened to me. We are who we are and where we are in life because of our beliefs, decisions and actions not because of where we grew up, our family, our school, our work, our ex etc. That is SO empowering because if there's something that we want to change then we can. 🔥 No better than starting from TODAY! Tag 3 friends to inspire to start creating! ✨ ✨ ✨ #thinkbigger #lifecoachforwomen #makechanges #lifecoach2women #personalgrowth #positiveintentions #powerofthemind #mindwork #empowerment #powerfulthoughts #lookwithin #womenempoweringwomen #innergrowth #mindbodyspirit #liveinspired #powerofthemind #growthmindset #gowithin #innerpower #innerwork #raiseyourstandards #makeachoice #commit #investinyourself #investinyou #tonyrobbins #createyourlife #unleashthepowerwithin #createyourself #ahamoment

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MONDAY MOTIVATION! My mantra is that I believe I am the hardest worker in every room I go in. It doesn’t matter where I am, I simply believe it and show it daily. I may not be the smartest, the most gifted, have the most natural ability or be born with talent and I certainly have my flaws, but what I do know is that I work hard every single day. And the harder the work I put in, the more I succeed. A happy Monday today! Lots of bits to tidy up before a week away with my lovely family and we are off to a good start! ✅ Workout Done #fatloss #personaltraining #bodytransformation #bodytransformationcoach #fitness #health #healthylifestyle #beavisonary #weightlosstransformation #bodytransformation #fitnessmotivation #happiness #fulfilment #firststeplifestyle #lookwithin #weightlossjourney #weightloss #fattofit #fitnessjourney #fitnessgoals #instagramfitness #healthyeats #eatclean #eatcleantraindirty #healthyfood #obesityawareness #eatingdisorderawareness #mentalhealthawareness @firststepglc @therock

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NEW PODCAST EPISODE FOLKS 🎉 The BLUE ZONES is the topic of this week, one I had planned to bring you last Monday but then phone theft happened 🙅‍♀️ So I'm over the moon to be back on the Podcast vibe to kickstart your week 👍 Link in my bio to tune in - iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, take your fave! . . 🍀 I gave the biggest talk I've ever done @wellfestirl on the topic of the Blue Zones - longevity hotspots around the world where populations live the longest, but also the healthiest lives 🌍 I find them so fascinating to learn about, + think there's two big things we can take from how they live to apply to our own knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. . . 🍀1. Principles - I've summarised these into 5 based on the original Power 9 Lessons the Blue Zones researchers identified - Movement, Nourishment, Connection, Reflection + Purpose ❤ In the Podcast, I dive into each one in detail, sharing what the centenarians in the Blue Zones did throughout their lives + what we can learn from each in our day to day life! . . 🍀2. Their ENVIRONMENT - The Blue Zones populations lived in environments that nudged them into healthier daily lifestyle behaviours - physically being active to get from A to B, living in communities that were thriving + rich in social networks, having friends who supported their way of life - those nudges affect our day to day habits more than we might like to admit. A big focus in public health is how we can 'make the healthier choice the easier choice' - and trust me, that's not a one word answer. But it's an important question, one that fascinates me. . . 🍀 If you tune in, let me know! Tag me, share Podcast in your stories + if you like it, feel free to leave a review so the Pod can spread! Happy Monday folks 🤘 #theirishbalance #theirishbalancepodcast #healthylifestyle #longevity #thebluezones

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New week, new #travel plans! Dreaming of going somewhere sunny and warm? To help you decide we have a fantastic offer! >> Pay for 7 nights and stay for 10 nights! <<

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Find a group of people that challenge and inspire you each day and work together in harmony and you will have the greatest team! I am so proud if my team who completed the ECR big walk yesterday, we had so much fun 🙌

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Loved celebrating you @kasiawolejnio 💃🔥💃

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REIKI LOVE!🙌 Still enjoying the magnificent glow of our Reiki Retreat on Saturday.💖🙌❤️🙌🧡🙌💜🙌💙🙌💛🙌💚. Thanks for hosting... @carlsbadvillageyogaco_op 🙌Our Next Reiki Share MeetUp: 6/1/19 Join our MeetUp Group for more opportunities to experience and Share Reiki! https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-WiyWorEC/

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Over the next few weeks we’re going to explore some of theory behind how curiosity develops, why curiosity seems to come easier or more “naturally” to some people than others and how we can use curiosity to enhance our psychological wellbeing. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀An important starting point is attachment. You may have heard the word attachment thrown around in your therapist’s office, in research or increasingly in popular culture, but what does it really mean? John Bowlby first described attachment as the primal instinct of an infant to maintain physical closeness to their caregiver in order to ensure their survival. When children feel safe, they can grow and learn and feel confident to explore the world around them. These infants are said to develop a secure attachment, which will usually stay with them for the rest of their life. It is in these types of relationships that curiosity is first encouraged and cultivated by our parents. However, when parents are not able to be a secure base (maybe they are experiencing their own mental health issues, are in a domestically violent relationship, are living in poverty or did not receive their own care as a child) these infants develop insecure or disorganised attachment strategies to ensure their safety. Insecure attachment styles can be further broken down to preoccupied (when a parent is preoccupied with their child in an anxious, angry or passive way, maintaining focus on the relationship at the exclusion or the environment) or dismissive (when the parent shows a lack of closeness, emotional connection and warmth, instead emphasising exploration of the environment). Whilst disorganised attachment styles are rare, these usually developed in a parent-child relationship characterised by fear and trauma. Learning about your attachment style and reflecting on how it might be playing out in your relationships (both with yourself and others) is an important starting point for developing healthier and more secure relationships. It is in these types of relationships that we are able to lay the foundation for developing a more curious (and happier and healthier) mind ❤️

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ON HAPPINESS: For many of us, we spend our time and energy trying to attain the illusive concept of "happiness," as though it is something we can hold in our hands or be given. I know for me, I began to experience a deep kind of happines within myself as I looked within muself. My own spiritual journey continues to awaken awareness of the concepts of love, grace and gratitude within my life. As I go within--exploring the darkest part of my fears and shadow side, as well as my hopes and higher self--I realize that happiness is the space within me that holds no suffering. No suffering from anger, fear, unmet expectations, disappointment, demands, etc. I realize the happiness iI seek is in evety moment at every minute--if I choose to experience it. This does not me I do not experience negstive emotions such as sadness or loss--quite the contrary. My feelings of love, gratitude and grace are not deminished by the negative, but rather strenthened. My happiness is not deminished by negative experiences or emotions--IF I don't tie my happiest to the experience--causing me to suffer. For the next 24 hours, I am going to be mindful of those components of happiness (love, grace & gratitude) throughout my day and focus less on negative experiences and/or self talk. By doing this, I retrain my brain from focusing on the negative to the positive. Our thoughts do actually reinforce our view of the world and our actions within it.

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I’ve had a stroke of luck in life to have helped raise one happy thriving son. Now off into the world becoming his own man my guidance is less frequently required. Unless extra ‘uni books’ need purchasing or a quick face time pep talk. But over the last seven years I’ve had another chance at the guardian game. Although not my own blood I’ve been allowed to help navigate Aga’s son Filip through this crazy wild world. The last few weeks since Aga has been on her Asian trip I’ve been given a bit more responsibility. We’re both still alive and have all our digits remaining so I see that as a pass. Living under my roof all this time I love him as if he were my own but at times I’m still a hard ass. Reminding him of his manners and respect. Discipline. BJJ. Axe Throwing. Gardening. Training. Study. Nature hikes. His chores. And of course a tonne of hugs and praise. I certainly haven’t been the best dad so I’m not one to give much parental advice but I believe growing boys need to be around the best men they can. I was privileged to grow up with a host of great men around me. All I looked up to. My father, grandfathers, uncles, teachers and coaches. Seriously high standards were set. I’ve had much to live up to. So getting another chance to pass on what little knowledge that stuck with me is a cool thing. Today my dad continued to pass on his to myself and Filip as we spent an afternoon sailing across Lough Neagh. He nervously took the helm of the 24ft yacht for the first time but grew in confidence by the second. Tacking and jibbing across the waves like a wee legend. A natural. The pride in his face was priceless. All the grades in the world can’t outweigh that type of character building. That little swagger of accomplishment afterwards. That’s what young boys and men need. To face a little gentle adventure or challenge and pass the test. #wildfoot