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Wanted to post this here. For all those that have lost. And all those who experience mental illness. My link is on my bio Also here: #infertility #loss #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #keeptalkingmh #psychosis #bipolardisorder #bipolar #depression #anxiety #mentalhealth

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yaaaasss, Folks, I recovered. Because one of the greatest voice teachers who’s knowledge and work I so admired believed in me - I could believe in myself again. And now I‘m back in almost full range but still working my ass off in Kung-Fu-discipline. The wudang-sword which I‘m practicing here is a mystical and powerful object. It represents the human mind which is sharp like a blade. Furthermore it’s training is said to expel demons (which I really needed) and will turn you into a shepherd of your soul in the long run. In China, under Ismet Himmet, one of the greatest teachers on this planet right now, I trained 8 - 10 HOURS A DAY, FOR 5 MONTHS. When I came back to Germany, not only my outer but also my inner Gongfu had improved. I was focused, disciplined and most important: HAD RETURNED TO THE RIGHT PATH !!!!! Dear folks - take care of yourself! This world is shallow, many things you are craving for are empty. Always remember to be in touch with your heart and soul... here I am practicing in cologne, it is 2017 in the Stadtpark. I trained almost everyday at least one hour, and even went out for full moon-Training in the middle of the night (because it is said it is very important for the Wudang sword) #singing #focus #energy #loss #experience #sound #nomorecontrol #vocalfolds #healing #recover #china #kungfu #kungfuschool #discipline #believeinyourself #workhard #wudangsword #kungfusword #magical #blade #training #expeldemons #soul #training #ismethimmet #neijia #qigong #rightpath #heart #fitness

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I miss them only on days that end in “y.” Grief: 1. Comes in waves. 2. Can be triggered anytime. 3. Never goes away—it just changes shape. Give the grievers you know a little love nudge today, friends. #grief #loss #realtalk #parents #death #dying #beareavement #dessertfirst #Repost @thatgoodgrief with @get_repost ・・・ I’ve been having a rough go at it lately (more on that later), but I think wrapped up in all of that is a deep seated fear that I *should* be better by now, right? It’s no longer that first year. It’s the second year by some counts, and third by others. But for those who have experienced loss around me, there’s no world in which I’d expect them to be *over* it. I need to show myself that same patience, accept that this thing we called grief is not on a schedule, and ride the damn wave for the rest of my life. #adayinthelifewithgrief • art by me via @procreate

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Thank you all for coming out for the Tribute Workout for Dana! We will continue collecting for her family through the end of the week. Please consider signing the card if you have not already on her table. May we all kick and punch as hard as her in memory of her strength, vibrant energy, and encouragement to others. Rest in Peace, Dana ♥️♥️

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#tbt #oneyearago #RIP Norm my unique #dad #ripdad #oneyearon #memories #loss #movingon #keepingthis #oldphoto

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We have been busy updating another one of our best sellers today, our heavenly feather. #feathersfromheaven #angelinheaven #angelinheaven 👼 #loss #bereavementsupport #bereavement #thinkingofyou #inlovingmemory #sorryforyourloss #babylosssupport #babyloss

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My folower send this photo if you want see your photos send your photos #tumblr #tumblrboy #tumblrgirl #loss #gayboy #lgbt #bitch #fakestory #turkey #tati #dog #cat #instalover #fameous

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I was 5 months pregnant when we decided to get the gender of the baby checked! We went all excited for the scan but came back with the most devastating news! Our baby was anencephalic.. His brain and skull didn’t develop and his chances of survival were.. Zero! Our whole world came crashing down.. We went from one doctor to another.. From one hospital to another.. but every scan and every doctor said the same thing.. There was no way to save the baby and we didn’t have time to wait because it was endangering my health! I felt so.. I wish I had words to explain how it felt but I don’t! We lost our baby on 22nd May at 9pm.. He was just 21 weeks old.. He was so small but still so strong when I delivered him.. I could tell that he was a brave boy! I miss him so much.. I miss talking to him.. I miss feeling him move.. I miss his kicks.. I miss praying a little loud so that he could hear.. I wish There was a way.. Any way to save him.. I wish I could hold on to him a little longer.. But Allah had His own plans.. And surely Allah is the Best of Planners. - Please Remember us in your prayers.. Pray for our baby Hamza.. Pray that Allah gives us the strength and patience to go through all of this.. Pray that I recover from this trauma physically and mentally.. Duaon men bohat asar hota hai! And I want to genuinely thank All of you for the prayers and the duas! Mje nahi pata mere liye kis kis nay dua ki but mje yeh pata hai k un sab duaon nay mera bohat saath dia hai iss mushqil waqt men! Keep praying for us. JazakAllah!

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Avocado toast for lunch today! I've been MIA recently and very off track. We have lost 3 family members in the last 5 months. 2 of the deaths were both of my grandfathers and they were only 2 weeks apart. This has been a hard year so far.

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‘When I lost you, I started having nightmares’, my latest blog post about suffering through death and grief on This elegy was my first published poem, which I still hold near and dear. With love, from Her ❤️

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  • 31 minutes ago . . परिवहन उद्योग जहाजों में आग लगने से भारी आर्थिक नुकसान हो सकता है। हर साल 16% वाहनों में आग लगती है। दुर्घटना से बचने के उपाय: 1. जहाज के सभी क्षेत्रों में अच्छी हाउसकीपिंग होनि चाहिए । 2. धूम्रपान नियमों का कड़ाई से पालन किया जाना चाहिए - बिस्तर में धूम्रपान न करें! 3. कपड़े धोने के उपकरण का उपयोग नहीं होने पर स्विच ऑफ करना है। 4. कपड़े और अन्य ज्वलनशील पदार्थों को रेडिएटर, गर्म उपकरण और प्रणालियों से साफ रखा जाना चाहिए। 5. जरुरत न होने पर गैली उपकरण को बंद किया जाना चाहिए । 6. सभी लत्ता, विशेष रूप से गीले या तेल वाले, उपयोग के तुरंत बाद सुरक्षित रूप से निपटाए जाने चाहिए। #RiskTohHai #Risk #Transport #Ship #Cargo #Fire #Accident #Loss #PrfitLoss #Business #Safety #takecare #Danger #Oil #Pipe #leakage #Shipcrew #patrol #monitor #life #Imageoftheday #instadaily #instagood #instamood

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A thank you note to my Dad ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m on another run today and it’s the day I lost you 11 years ago. I felt you pass. I felt a part of my heart leave me and go with you. As you are with me, I am always with you. You still train and push me to run. To set the pace for that first lap, keep the pace for the middle, and give it all I’ve got at the end. A part of me did die with you. I think that was my innocence. I realized you were the one who loved me unconditionally and I have missed that feeling. Then your grand babies (you would love them so much) came along and taught me so much more about unconditional love than I had ever dreamed it could be. No one will ever replace you. Thank you for giving me dark hair, freckles, Native American heritage to tan, and, yes, even the psoriasis. Thank you for giving me an athlete’s heart, a warrior spirit, empathy, and the ability to always do what is right. Thank you for teaching me to look out after the little guy. Thank you for being my first coach and teacher. My greatest joy as a nurse has been as a teacher helping others achieve their dreams. Ashlin has your intelligence, Quinn has your love for animals, and Jaxson Timothy has your heart, wit, and name. Ashlin wears your favorite #28 loud and proud on her jersey. Dad, we’re going to be okay. We wanted you physically here, but in spirit you are always around. Thank you for the 25 years I had with you. Thank you for walking me down the aisle to Conan and dancing to “My Girl” with me. I can still feel my arms around you and hear you singing the song to me while we danced. I will always be your little girl 💗 Love Always, Candice Michelle

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Getting into Shape / Part 2. . As I have pointed out in the previous post, one of the most common questions my inbox/DM receives is: ‘How can I get into shape?’ and I’m here to split this question up into a few parts for your convenience!. . So: Getting into Shape 101 (lol) is not only nutrition based! And the second part to this series very much parallels with the philosophy of my Live Well Programming (specifically my #movewell e-book). . M O V I N G. . YES. Getting active. . So I realize we have all heard this concept before but something that you can do TODAY to get closer to becoming a healthier version of you is getting active! Here are some tips and tricks to adding movements into your life!. . ➡️First off, head to my profile, I have a FREE article on ‘making your workout a priority!’. ➡️Commit to ONLY doing 15 minutes of activity 3 times a week (this is feasible, manageable, allows for small changes and will FEEL good as opposed to being hit by a truck from a hard leg day back at the gym!). ➡️Make it something you LOVE (summer is upon us, head outside and do a fast walk with your puppy, or do squats with your babe in your arms). ➡️Do activity in between commercials!. ➡️Start with a combo routine (cardio AND weights!). ➡️Write down your activity accomplishments!. . I have a ton of programs, and a 30 day workout regime on my website: and you can always apply to work with my (application in my profile) but at the end of the day, getting active is your first step to becoming a healthier and more fit version of you. . Don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am always wanting to help you on your journey! KEEP FIT AND HAVE FUN! – HL

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#ENLAPALESTRARD Esta es la cuenta personal de la princesa loanny vamos a etiquetar a @romeosantos y @zacariasferreiraoficial en su página tienen una cuenta para recaudar fondos, para su tratamiento , quien pueda ayudar 🙏🙏🙏🙏. . . . #chismefaranduleros #farandulainternacional #fuullfarandulanacional #faranduleando #memesgraciosos 😂 #videosdivertidos #chisme 🙊 #chismesfaranduleros #fuullfarandula #virales #distritonacional #meme #republicadominicana 🇩🇴 #videosvirales #memesgraciosos #chist #luminariasfarándula #farandules #farandulerosrdnoticias #masvipsd #fuullfarandulanacional #elmundodelosfamosostv #loss #losdueñosdelcirco

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