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The Peoria Dress. Early Maternity friendly. Family pictures friendly. Work friendly. Going to the grocery store friendly. Everything mom life friendly. You get the idea ;)

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Sometimes life can give you lemons, but remember that you can go out and pick strawberries, too. 🔸 Eating seasonally can ensure that you give your body a variety of nutrients. This will be the first year that my family and I learn to eat strawberries only when they are in season—so that means comes fall/winter, we will be missing these beauties. So for now, I’m making all the jam and pies (#glutenfree and #sugarfree , of course). But #didyouknow one cup of whole strawberries gives you about 140% of your daily need of #vitaminc ? It also is a good source of folate, potassium, and manganese. #eatup #buttercup

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Winning day 👍🏻 Well last week, I spent most of my first week postpartum in pjs, trackies, milk stained tops and with Batiste filled top knots. Today, I managed to cobble together my mum uniform, put a bit of makeup on and with the help of Mr D, get a toddler and a newborn out to Rhythm Time by 9.30 - that is a major win and something which will very rarely happen. I can beat myself up by putting too much pressure on myself to do too much, make sure I look presentable and have a tidy house. This time, I’m trying to be kinder to myself this time by celebrating the days when everything goes to plan but not worrying when it doesn’t, not judging myself and going with the flow instead. This might not be the most instagrammable pic but I’m pleased with my look 9 days postpartum and feeling good. #whatmamaworemonday #themumdresscode #fourthtrimester #postpartum #postpartumfashion #mumlife #mumuniform #mumof2 #cornerofmyhome #mondaymorning #mondaymusings

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Nutrition can often get confusing- “Carbs are good! No, they’re bad! Protein is the most important! Don’t consume too much fat! Just eat the right kinds of fats!” . The line of “good” nutrition is often blurred by an outpour of information (from both experts, and amateurs alike). It is always important to consult a dietitian for any specific nutrition questions, as they are the experts on this information! To simplify things a little bit for you, when you think ‘Macronutrients’ - think Carbs, Proteins, and Fats! These are foods that need to be consumed in larger quantities, on a regular basis. . When you think ‘Micronutrients’- think Vitamins and minerals. These are nutrients that are also important, but can be consumed less frequently and in smaller amounts. . CHO’s are broken into simple & complex forms. Overall, the function of CHO’s is to provide your body with energy, to promote digestive, as well as heart health and to help to preserve muscle. Yes, carbs can come from foods such as baked goods and junk foods but they can also come from great, good-for-you foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables! . Protein’s function to provide growth, structure, maintenance and regulation of body tissues and organs. They carry out many functions throughout the body and are broken down into “amino acids”. Proteins can be found in a variety of foods such as meats, beans, fish, vegetables and even some fruits! . There are many different types of fats! Fats can be important in helping to provide energy and support cell growth. Fat also works to protect organs and keep you warm. Some micronutrients rely on fat for absorption, proving that fat plays an important role in your overall health. There are many different kinds of fats, but the best ones for you to focus on for health include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. . Interested in learning more about nutrition? What types of things would you like to learn? Check out our blog for more information! 🥗🥑🍌🥦🍓🍠🥚 #fitmama #nutrition #macronutrients #healthyeating #healthyfoods

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The absolute light of my life 🌞💡 is 8 months old! Where has the time gone?? This sweet baby has 6 teeth and is starting to crawl. He has such a big personality and is so so sweet. 🥰😍🦌🦊 #baby #babyboy #8months #growing #milestones #deerblanket #breastfedbaby #teeth #happybaby #littlebrother #lalecheleague #mommydigsme #newmomma #workingmomma #pumpingmomma #munchkinlatch #momlife #thisispostpartum #postpartum #justinturner #babybear #infant #infantinobaby #blessed

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Un pupic, un zambet, un moment. Invat sa traiesc in moment, Dominic ma invata prezentul, momentul, ACUM! . . . . . invata#parenting #parenthood #familytime #familylife #family #momlife #mammalivet #motherhood #postpartum #lifewithkids #newborn #mumlife #love