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“To her, the name of father was another name for love.” Happy Father’s Day!

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We are looking for a few qualified and experience candidate to be interviewed for this vacancy. . They will have the opportunity to travel the world, involve in interesting & impacful project, engage with other creative business within group ecosystem and learn directly with the co-founder of on the know-how to build a sustainable business. Preference given to candidate that is hungry for opportunity, a teamplayer, result oriented, committed and honest. You may email to [email protected] or [email protected] now. . #productionlife #travel #production #vacancy ##nowhiring #jobs #joblisting #jobposting #joblisting #hiring #joinourteam #jobopening #producer #PersonalAssistant #Secretary #employeestory #employeetestimonial #workingformanggis #lifeatmanggis #behindthescenes

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Saliendo a Barranquilla ✈️ Gracias Medellín 🙏🏻 #BeatsByLuiferCJ

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A week’s shoot worth of @chimeralighting @profotousa and @aquatech_imagingsolutions gear (minus the grip) made Easy Peasy by @inovativ adjustable risers. Had to go tall-tall for this one. Also, the final trip for this #scout37 . She’s served me well, but time for a refresh. Pro-Tip, use a #heroclip to attach a large roller to the back, and drag’r along. . . . . . . See what I did there @allisonlockwooddue ? . . #pumpupyourtires #productionlife #production #airport #commercialphotographer #airportpro #gear @pelicancases @therobocup @thinktankphoto #travellight #flying @southwestair #blackandred #nickcollura #locationphotographer #advertising

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Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children .. • Fun Fact: One of our main characters got injured a month ago, was cleared to do the show a week ago and has pulled herself together miraculously to join back in .. • Fun Fact: The costumes for the twins were handmade by one of our incredible student moms! .. • Fun Fact: The mother of peculiars, Miss Peregrine, is actually the mama of Level 2 and is moving into a Level 2 teaching position for our next show .. • Fun Fact: One of our two skeleton dancers is a Level 1 instructor and the other dancer is new to our studio .. • Fun Fact: All song editing, projections, lights were done by our resident producer/instructor, Nichoel .. • Fun Fact: You will hear Nichoel’s voice in a mysterious English accent at some point during the show .. • Fun Fact: Not one of the members of the show got out of this long 7 month prep process without a couple tears being shed, fears being faced and accomplishments being achieved .. • Fun Fact: Most of the routines are student choreographed .. • Fun Fact: The class lost three performers to other activities over the course of this process but it made the rest of them stronger as a family .. • Fun Fact: Three of our performers are brand new to Level 3 and had just performed in Harry Potter before coming up and learning their routines in 3 months .. • Fun Fact: Two of our performers were picked to choreograph each other on Hammock based on the fact that one’s strength is another’s weakness and vice versa .. STAY TUNED for more teasers .. Show is in two weeks and WE ARE READY for you to come be blown away .. Buy your tickets online at or call at 909.625.3333 or email [email protected] .. #thecircusstudio @thecircusstudio #missperegrinehomeforpeculiarchildren #claremontvillage #muddtheater #schooloftheology #claremont #claremontcolleges #downtownclaremont #dancetrapeze #aerialsilks #aerialcube #mybabes #ilovewhatido #showlife #productionlife @shelbybecker01 @sequoiaclark @oakley.sophia @calledmadison @emma.milner @_emeryjoseph @chairdrop21 @aerial.gems #aerialcube

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Action 🎥🎬🙏 📹By: @aminelkasmiofficiel Follow @filmmakersetup to find more wonderful setup! Tag #filmmakersetup

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Reposted from @camthemusicman - teamwork makes the dream work! How many of you are solo producers, artists, engineers, or musicians? Have you ever heard of the term "glass ceiling"? Well guess what, everyone has a glass ceiling individually in their profession and even personal lives. Working with this talented crew really motivated me to become better just through immersing myself in those experiences. It also made me realize that in order to accomplish anything massive, and compete at the level that my heroes and icons are at, I needed to find and build a team. I struggled for years not really understanding why I wasn't reaching the next level and blowing the doors open for my business to flow more. A huge part of that was simply not having a community around me to push me to that next level. There are many ways to break glass ceilings, but it first starts with identifying what it is that your glass ceiling is made of. I can guarantee you, nearly 100% of the time it's something you're NOT doing. This is why mentorship is such a critical model for people to leverage especially in this modern day. Check out the importance of mentorship podcast I guest speak on hosted by @Christiancaicedo of @enviousaudio called Electronic Dance Money! You can find it on spotify, iTunes, or whichever favorite podcasting app you use.

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Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad’s out there! ✊🏾🤴🏾 Be sure to tune in today on @aspiretv to see the sneak peak of “Tre” “Tre” will be the first original short film to air on @aspiretv. Produced by @damnwriteoriginals, written by @screenwriteher_ , directed by @bhuntleyfilms, cinematography by @somethingyougottasee Staring @jakarifraser , @darrensirell , Ed Silvera with @kayprism 🎬 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Airtimes: 2:00pm, 5:00pm, 8:00pm and 11:00pm ***CHANNELS TO WATCH #TreFilm :**** #ATL Areas 158/1158 AT&T U-Verse 188 Comcast 381 Direct TV #LA Areas 158/1158 AT&T U-Verse 185 Time Warner 381 Direct TV ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #AspireDWO #DreamBig #SeeYourselfHere #aspireTV #DamnWriteOriginals —————————— #happyfathersday #tunein #blackfathers #blackmensmile #blackstoriesmatter #blackhollywood #fathersday #fathers #dad #ATLWood #blackexcellence #blackfilmmakers #atlantaga #filmmaker #shortfilm #indiefilmmaker #production #lighting #productionlife

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Dans les Coulisses avec @tialice_ 🔥 Le 6 Juillet--> DAKAR,Sénégal Le 20 Juillet ---> HAITI Le 17 Aout ---> MIAMI 🍿🎟🎬 La grande premiere tournée de @jemensouviensfilm in film de @robenson_roby_lauvince 🍾 ——————————————–———— #JMS #CLEARSHOT2019LEVELUP #RobensonLauvince #jspotproductions #Director #Jemensouviensfilm #ProductionLife #shooting 📷 #movie #new #Haitian #actors #artists #talent #funny #comedian #productionlife 🎥 #Comingsoon #film #drama #auditions #setlife #woman #senegal 🇸🇳 #h

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Hey guys! I made a separate page for my photos. Follow me on my travels! @ericas_excursions . . . . #travelblogger #travelgram #instatravel #nashville #productionlife #photography #girlswhotravel #instafamous #follow