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A happy accident. Went in a little rough polishing the face of this square ring and accidentally carved a little smile on the face.

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Joegush - Pants - 100,000 - Condition : S - Size : Free - 허리(단면) 27-33 총장 106 허벅지 31.5 밑단 23

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🇬🇧 When you fall you get back up and you continue. This is what we teach our children, that it is okay to fall, to make mistakes, not to have it right the first time. We teach them that we learn from our mistakes and that we will grow stronger. I don’t know you but even though I do believe it is true, I feel like we don’t leave ourselves a big space for wrong. We like to control things. I am a firm believer that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I have learnt it in the past a lot and I know that most of the time I will find a way to make things work. It might take time, it might get frustrating but all things come to those who wait. Everything happens for a reason. And if it didn’t work for you this time it means it wasn’t meant to be. Wait for life to show you what it has in stock for you, it will be grand! ✨ 〰️ 🇫🇷 Si tu tombes c’est pas grave, tu te relèves et tu recommences, tu continues. C’est ce qu’on apprend à nos enfants, que l’erreur est humaine et qu’on apprend de nos faux-pas. C’est pas grave de ne pas y arriver du premier coup. Je crois très fort que ce qui ne nous tue pas nous rend plus fort. Je l’ai appris à mes dépends et je sais que je trouverais toujours un moyen d’avancer, malgré la frustration. Tout arrive pour une raison et si cette fois-ci ce n’était pas la bonne c’est que la vie vous réserve quelque chose d’encore mieux ✨

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2mm 14k Gold Beads with 2mm round turquoise bracelet. . . . . . . . #jewelrydesign #bracelets #turquoise #summertimeaccessories #dainty #2mm #simple #stackable #turquoiseandgold