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Still on the Short Story Week... When dreams turns to reality is something I've always wished for. Just read my little imagination, and let me know what you think. Thank you 🖤💫. #CélineSays #writersnetwork #writersworld #writersofinstagra #writingcommunity #writerslife #writers #writers_den_ #poemsofinstagram #poemsporn #poetrycommunity #poetsporn #wordporn #lovepoems #spilledink #lovepoetry #igpoets #africanwriters #globalpoetcult #poemwars #silverleafpoetry #monvibeonly

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No filter needed The thing about being empathetic - the more you feel, the more often you speak up for something strongly and assertively. Being assertive isn't what people associate you with, and that's the irony. . The lot is taken for being overtly sensitive to the point of being disillusioned. On the contrary, while empaths feel the entire spectrum of emotions deeply and often, they do so because they struggle to tune out the feelings of others. . Often tagged as being aloof, empaths thrive on deep and meaningful conversations. If there's one app they could adopt in their everyday life, it may be one that takes care of small talk! . That's the reason people around them can't put a finger on whether empaths are introverted or extroverted. I'd say, don't try to figure. You are dealing with individuals that indulge in conversations basis how genuine the banter seems or how real the vibes are - they would even talk about weather if you really mean it and are passionate about it, versus when it's done to merely fill in the silences. . What they feel is rarely about themselves but mostly for the world at large or people around, absorbing other people's emotions like a sponge. That makes them intuitive and also makes them question things constantly. . Maybe we need people who can call us out on the walls we've built around us, the false perceptions we are living, the lies we tell ourselves. Don't we? . To all the people out there who feel so deeply and also speak up for things that matter - you are honey and wildfire baby, you are gold. . . . . #thinkers_and_writers #spilledwords #spilledink #wordsarepowerful #wordsmith #wordsmith #empathy #empaths #wordsmatter #inspire #slay #ownyoureveryday #deepthinkers #youareamazing #youarebeautiful #staytrue #believe #mondaymood #mondaymantra #mondaymotivation #writingcommunity #writersofig #writing #writings #writtenword #ownyoursunshine #speakup #staywoke #sky #sunsetsofig #sunsets

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Abhi's first dream was to become a photographer but he chose science because of his parents and he was unhappy with the decision of choosing. But somehow he found his capability that he can do science also but he never left the dream of being a photographer.He got good marks in science(10+2).He also completed the engineering with good marks,but whenever he got a chance to click photos,he never missed a chance.After a few years when he became a successful photographer, When his interview was taking place, one reporter asked - "Sir you chose engineering as your career and end up as a photographer,how you have done it?Was this parent's pressure or something else? Yes,its true that I chose engineering for my parents,but one thing I was clear with is I am not gonna successful if I am gonna say I never told my parents that I chose science for them, not for me would be a bad excuse.If I really want it I would have done hardwork and this hardwork is the result and this shows I am diffrent from others. P.s- Chase the dreams, not excuses #writer #contentwriter #famouswriters #thefreedomwriters #writerlife #travelwriter #typewriter #novel #writersbook #spilledink #author #words #writersgottawrite #selfpublisher

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We are stuck in a vicious cycle. A cycle of loving someone and being with someone else. So many broken hearts around, Everybody longing to be loved, Everybody hurt and lost in their own world, We meet people for meaningless conversation claim to love them but how cruel are we? We don’t love them fully, In turn they love us to the core, We break their heart, And the cycle goes on. When we crave stability why do we run from something good? There’s always gonna be a risk of getting our hearts broken. But why does this cycle keep on going like its normal to live in an era where everyone wants love but nobody wants to love! - Drishti//@mend._

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"Seriously did you think you could rush my body? I am passion, i am an aura in skin, a valley to swim...boiling hot once you hit my spot...no need to think, I'm in control... I'll make the decisions all you need to do is listen...this is an experience, it can't be rushed so relax your mind, let's get in touch. Catch my vibes and fall into the rhythm of my body speaking to you... i warn you in advance, i am a master when i dance, leave you in a trance when you delve into this romance...so let me tell you what i like, i know what i want....so let me show you how to love me...Move with my heart, lets make this art. If you light me up, ignite my spark... I can show you how magic is birthed... It's in this constant rhythm when your touching me .. i am writhing in my skin, touching is not enough for me... I need you to make love to this energy and pull me out of this shell i hide so well... with each sway of my hips, do me just like this... Pull me in, til you feel more than skin... My soul is in a gilded cage waiting to be fulfilled.... I need you to take it out of me.... I know how to move you with my eyes, kiss you into heaven again and again... I'm getting close to being risen when you see my skin flushed in pink, my every cell is vibrating... and you feel me inside pulling you into a trance... Let me broaden your expanse... Just take it easy and fullfill this destiny in a way we can't explain... A connection so insane... So lovely, we can only tend to flames... I am more than beauty.. i am energy freeing you too... So love me tonight but i promise you won't come down from this body once you awaken my beast." K. Davae'