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Last night I went to an event called “Walk The Talk” where people audition to speak a sort of TED talk on a stage here in Indianapolis. I almost auditioned a couple months ago. Why didn’t I? Probably a mix of fear, having no clue what it was, and summer frenzy had me decide it wasn’t the right time. BUT I am going to audition for the next one! It’s less about making it on stage...and more about moving myself out of my comfort zone and growing in the journey of becoming. Last night I attended and I gave a standing ovation for each of the six speakers even if it wasn’t the best or most refined speech ever. I gave them one for being brave. Brave to audition. Brave to overcome fear. Brave to step out of their comfort zone. Brave to move. Brave to dare themselves to do it and following through. I respect people who are courageous enough to move their own mountain and rise above it! Last night had some beautiful nuggets of truth intertwined into the stories other people told. It left me with the question... How often do I live life being stuck between my comfort zone and letting go? Letting go looks different to each person, but it’s so needed in order to move forward. It’s needed in order to grow with grit and grace. It’s necessary for becoming who we are meant to be. It’s essential for living free from the mental prison we keep ourselves in. So today...I’m starting by letting go of something. In fact, in my Dance Into Your Day With Intention Mindset Journal, one box is for letting go of something. It’s an everyday necessity! I stink at letting go. I have to train myself to do so every day. Will you join me today? Let’s let go of some stuff holding us down. What are you going to let go of today? Come on...I dare you!😉 Today...I am letting go of excuses. I will continue to write my book and to speak. I will invite others to dance in the muddy mess of life with me. I’m going to audition for the next Walk The Talk! ❤️💃🏻 #daretodancewithjill #daretobefree #lettinggo #walkthetalk #brave #surrender #befree #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #epicshift #motivateyourself #trainyourmind #warriormindset #growthmindset #letgo #youareworthit

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Feeling challenged lately. I like to feel in control. However, there are many things ( as we all know ) that are out of our control. So I’ll be over here taking deep breaths, meditating, using crystals and essential oils along with grounding yoga practices to help me let go and let be. What tools do you use to help you when you’re struggling to let go? . . . #letgo #surrender #createspace #therearebetterthingstocome #centering #grounding #believe #breatheinbreatheout #soften #allow #spiritjunkie #bekindtooneanother #bekindtoyourself #lifeisgood #peacelovehappiness 🙏❤️😊

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“Life is always now, this present moment. When you are in present moment, you are connected or in alignment with the one consciousness or life. So surrendering to this present moment without any judgments is one of the most powerful practices to know your true self and dissolve suffering. Surrender to what is. Not the past or future or your life situation but simply what arises in the now. It's because when you truly surrender, you are internally free of the situation or people or circumstances. That's when a greater intelligence is in charge and only through surrender do you have access to it. Don't misinterpret 'surrender' as giving in. Surrender is purely an inner phenomenon. It means to offer uncompromising acceptance to the flow of life within, without any judgments or reservations. As if it was your choice. What's the flow of life within? The thoughts, emotions and reactions that arise at "this" moment in response to anything. Allow them, let them be and let them go. Be the knowing that is aware and enables the thoughts and emotions to be. This doesn't mean you can't take action. Surrender is perfectly compatible with action. In fact, surrendered action is infinitely more powerful as it's in alignment with universal intelligence. Surrender happens when you don't ask 'why is this happening to me?'. Because you live in the totality of the universe where all events, situations and forms are interconnected. No matter how insignificant or random.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks @wikihow for my morning reminder. 👁 #yoga #surrender #presentmoment #bepresent

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✨ Seeking external validation may leave you feeling internal disconnected. We cannot find ourselves if we are seeking the approval of others. Self-love & self-acceptance can’t be given by a lovely partner, it is cultivated from within. ⁣ ⁣ 💗How will I love myself today? ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ✨Mindful is my mantra. #mindfulismymantra ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #peace #mindful #psychology #psychologist #soulguidance #innerwork #mindfulness #goals #positiveaffirmations #surrender #selfesteem #mentalhealth #kindness #relationshiphelp #boundaries #intention #motivational #selfacceptance #peaceful #behere #lifeisnow #intention #lawofattraction #selfcare #podcast #themindfulcornerpodcast #selfhelp

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surrender to the present 🖤 photo @konopizkyart #surrender #present #yogapractice #sadhana #devotion

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surrender ✨. When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more.” - @gabbybernstein . This theme has been playing over and over again in my mind and the energy around me. It’s currently all about releasing and surrendering to your faith and higher power that the path is already mapped out. We just can’t see it yet.... which is the biggest invitation for surrender. . Yesterday I kept hearing “it’s all in the Surrender.” And then I went on Instagram and saw @realrebelpodcast post about a similar topic. ( don’t ya love when this happens- ps not a coincidence 😌😉) . BUT here it is- I want to say this. When we are faced with a choice and we choose the one to go wildly into the unknown WE HAVE TO SURRENDER. Because we don’t know the entire plan. Because it’s unclear. Because we’ve never done this before. We can’t possibly guess what the outcome will be because we simply don’t know. Hold the vision in your head and your heart- don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of power in that. But we have to get out of the way and let the divine do its thing. This is surrender. . Currently I’m surrendering... * not knowing where I’ll live come August. * how money will come to me during my off months in the summer. * what my summer will look like without my regular work. * the relationship I’ve been wanting to create. * the specific person I’ve been wanting to meet. . I SURRENDER. . Surrender by being in the present moment. Understand everything will get done when it’s meant to. Believe that your dreams will come true. And trust yourself enough to know you’ll make the right decision and you’ll do what it takes to co create your vision into your reality. Let go of the how, what, where, why, when. This is SURRENDER. . . .

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This...This is what real life looks like... . . -Its the no makeup, hair pulled back, candle burning at both ends look. It’s the look of guilt from the early morning mom roar, the homesickness, the sheer panic from the days to-do list. Its the look of exhaustion from the next step “two step” (one step forward, two steps back). It’s the look of a girl who is blessed beyond her years, but still cries at night because she worries that she is f**king it all up. . . This is what real life looks like 👸 . . #shinethebrightestyou #agirlwithoutborders #faith #courage #strength #love #surrender #theuniversehasyourback #reallife #entrepreneur #ygk #ygklove

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Just finishing reading this book and it couldn’t have come in my life at a better time. Open grateful heart, commit to the controllables, surrender to the outcome, and trust the process. And in the mean time, I am just going to keep chopping wood and carrying more water. 🎋 #chopwoodcarrywater #lessons #seethelight #perspective #gratefulheart #enjoytheprocess #surrender #trust #faith #bookclub #challengethemind #togrow #learning #growingpains #personalgrowth #journey

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This moment right now is calling for a deep surrender, to let go of what no longer serves you. You are being shown what may have been hidden by your own lack of awareness- or willingness to see. This can be painful... don't react, sit back and ask- what is this showing me? What can I do within my loving heart to become clear on what is making life harder for me at this moment. It may be people- external factors, and it may also and likely be behaviours - beliefs. Life is simple, it is meant to be simple, We make it harder with our tapestry of expectations, projections, stories and fears... locking us into situations that sabotage rather than flow. The Universe is on your side, your angels are beside you. There is energy flowing in all and what you believe and call to you creates the experiences you consistently have. Sometimes Spirit intervenes and shows you what is stopping you from growing..these are not "attracted " but clear MESSAGES.... Let go of what no longer serves you and be open to the new, easier, simpler way which will be offered once you unclench your hands and mind. Angel blessings Rachel x Energy Therapist, Angel Medium, Author Rachelscoltock.com #letgo #surrender #greatspirit #divineyes #divine #miracles #energy #simple #higher #frequency #consciousness #spirituality #love #angels #truth #angelmedium #author #rachelscoltock book a private intuitive healing session with me at rachelscoltock.com

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In sickness or pain. In happiness or sorrow. To you I hold tight. #believe #trust #surrender #jaisairam 👼

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What does ‘softening’ look like for you. Is it taking a breath. Feeling yourself drop into your seat and be held there. Is it relaxing the muscles in your face, allowing your jaw to drop, eyes to soften. Is it allowing your heart to soften. Your belly to feel. Take a moment and practice softening. Invite it and notice what happens. Can you bring softening into your awareness even as you move through your day and navigate relationships and tasks. • • • @theclass for this 🙌🏻 #soften #allow #permission #slowmotion #movement #trust #surrender #breathe #beherenow #eckharttolle #pemachodron #healing #forgiveness #therapy #psychotherapy #mindful #mindfulness #somatictherapy #practices #spiritual #wellness #mentalhealth #awareness #awakening

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_ how we perceive something is everything. when we begin to let go of our past conditioning and future expectations, we begin to clear the mirror of our perception. our ability to surrender creates potential for us to change by creating possibility for us to see things differently. when we begin to see things as they are instead of seeing our own problems and limitations we create space for our mind and body to live in the present moment – which is the only moment where true life exists. everything else is a projection of fear from an imagined future or memory of the past. our job is to make sure our perceptions come from a place of love and acceptance 💗 _ #thisismyyoga #perception #loveandlight #behappy #befree #acceptance #mindbodyspirit #yoga #breathwork #healyourlife #balancelife #surrender #openheart @healercollection

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Postpartum is not a thing that you accomplish and finish in six weeks... I've been focusing on healing the diastasis recti and it is taking a while. Thank you for @m_methoduk for telling me about this condition. After two months of birth, I had four fingers going down in my belly. I still have a small gap and belly bump. Healing it is not (only) about getting the belly back but it can cause trouble and pain that affects in many other areas and can lead to more severe conditions. I learned many yoga poses and weight training do more harm than help, external abs should not be trained, so I’m doing the deep core and pelvis strengthening exercises as diligently as I can. I don’t have time to go to the gym or mother and baby postpartum classes that often so I have started doing the 15-20 minute body weight exercises at home and in the park now when it's warm. It's working surprisingly well! Baby finds it exhilarating when I'm jumping around. It's easy to make it a game and lift her up and down to train my arms. She loves playing airplane while I'm on my back flying her up on my feet. Too often we forget our health and wellbeing when the focus is on the baby and there's a lot going on. But... a happy, healthy mama means a happy family. Healing after pregnancy and the birth fully - emotionally physically and mentally - can easily take a year(s). We would love to rush our bodies do things faster it can. We try to go back to the same we were before, which is not possible. Healing requires patience and a lot of self-acceptance and a new level of self-love. Body changes, body needs attention and body needs acceptance and love to heal. The Body always knows best what we need so listen carefully. 🙏💫❤️ ⁠ ⁠ #postpartum #newmomlife #motherhood #bodywisdom #healing #holistichealing #happyfamily #mindfullyhappy #womenshealth #womensupportingwomen #diastasisrecti #happymama #workingmom #wellbeing #mindbodysoul #lifebydesign #selfhealing #bodyawareness #acceptance #surrender #clarity #consciouscreator

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Day 4 of #yogameetsoils ••• Daily Theme: #surrender ••• Asana: #frogpose - this pose makes me so happy and the first time I ever did it and surrendered to it I got really emotional and I always remember that feeling. 🐸💛 ••• Essential Oil: #lemonoil - typically used to ease stress, fight fatigue and insomnia, and address conditions such as acne, athlete's foot, depression, warts, and varicose veins. In addition, lemon essential oil is said to stimulate the immune system, alleviate pain, and promote weight loss. ••• I thought this was interesting, researchers found that inhaling the aroma of lemon essential oil was more effective in improving mood than aromatherapy involving the use of lavender essential oil. ••• Hosts: @shaynarooney @eattravelyogarepeat @museLaura @livingprettygreen ••• Sponsors: @maitreya_natura @blendjet @momwhatsfordinner @yoga_essentialoils @daddydaughterjewelry @hawaiipeeps @morrcrafts @mucro_headphones @Livingdiffused ••• Daily Themes: Courage 💛| Gratitude💛 | Letting go 💛| Surrender 💛| Compassion | Receiving | Humor ••• Leggings: @confusedgirlla Lemon bag: @homegoods Chakra singing bowl: @anatomyalchemy EOs: @artnaturals Towels (under knees & elbows) @facesoft_towels ••• #heartopener #chakrahealingsingingbowls #heartchakra #lemon #yellowismyfavoritecolor #enjoyyourjourney #yogalifestyle #yogajourney

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There is no future event that can make us any more perfect and whole than we already are in this NOW 💫we are always playing a role - maybe many different roles but always still it is a role - as I look back over my journey and the many roles I’ve played, impermanence is the theme, the roles come and they go, they transform as i grow, not becoming attached to any particular role i allow myself the freedom to change and to grow, to experience but not be defined by, our true nature, our essence, our spirit can not be defined, the attachment to identification keeps us from living in this state, this presence, this awareness, surrender to the present moment and let life flow through you free from attachment 🙌🏽💕🌸 #Ibiza #love #yogi #yoga #surrender #union #spirit #freespirit #wisdom #conciousparenting #consciousness #attachment #spiritual #teacher #yogateacher #ascension #roles

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Hiking to 2,500 meter above sea level in the dark to view the stunning electric-blue flame of Ijen. 💙💙 . . The only two blue flame volcanoes in the world - Indonesia (Ijen) and Ethiopia. . #blueflame #bluefire #ijenbluefire #ijen #ijencrater #ijenmountain #mignight #hiking #inthedark #headlight #gasmask #cold #surrender #nature #sulfur #gas #sulfermining #explorebeyondlimits

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🧩🧩ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS DAILY REFLECTIONS...... June 27, 2019 CONFORMING TO THE A.A. WAY We obey A.A.'s Steps and Traditions because we really want them for ourselves. It is no longer a question of good or evil; we conform because we genuinely want to conform. Such is our process of growth in unity and function. Such is the evidence of God's grace and love among us. — A.A. COMES OF AGE, p. 106 It is fun to watch myself grow in A.A. I fought conformity to A.A. principles from the moment I entered, but I learned from the pain of my belligerence that, in choosing to live the A.A. way of life, I opened myself to God's grace and love. Then I began to know the full meaning of being a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. #alcoholicsanonymous #dailyreflections #aboutmyrecovery #addictsdorecover #onedayatatime #nobooze #freeyourmind #andtherestwillfollow #trusttheprocess #relapseprevetion #surrender #recoverymemes #goodvibes #keepthefaith #haveadivineday #puttingthepiecesbacktogether #lgbtqhomeforhope2baltimore #divinelightinc ❤️💙💜💚💛🧡🏳️‍🌈🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🧩🧩

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Repost from @oracleofyoursoul -> @the_hairy_healer - WHY MEN OVER DOMINATE A boy (man) without a father (mentor) is like a Warrior without a king. He has no direction he has no purpose he has no guidance. He becomes lost, wondering, searching, looking for something to give his energy to. Masculines energy is here to serve, it is the purpose of the divine masculine, and when there is no purpose, when there is no faith, and there is nothing to fight for.... the masculine DIES.... 💀 He loses his fire🔥, he loses his passion❤, he loses the very reason for his existence. He becomes an empty shell 🐚of what he was and from this place he is no good to anyone not even himself. If the masculines energy is here to serve and he is not feeling like his energy is of value then what will he do with himself and how will he act in the world? He walks around trying to prove himself 💪in every moment because he does not feel seen, he does not feel heard and he does not feel important. He over does it in ask his actions, in all his words, in all his energy hoping someone will see him, value him, actually hear him. He's looking for validation, he's looking for respect, he's looking for BROTHERHOOD. 👥 He's looking for LOVE...... ❤ It's not easy to love a man while he's in this place, while his sword is out in every moment, looking for an opportunity to prove himself. Dealing with the inner workings of a hurt child that just wants to be loved but doesn't know how to ask for it, doesn't know how to speak his needs, doesn't even know how to love himself. This is the world that so many men live in. And this is why we have many immature warriors running around with their swords out. I was one...... Still am on many levels...... But I'm just looking for love, just like the rest. #love #lovealwayswins #libertion #freedom #life #masculine #masculinity #divinemasculine #awakenedmasculine #masculinerising #warrior #lovewarrior #woundedchild #mentorship #king #immatureman #man #men #lookingforlove #relationships #selflove #sword #truth #thehairyhealer #surrender