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Lost Heroes - Ran into a Ron by the LC last night and his demeanor immediately got my attention. So I asked his permission if I could grab a few shots of him playing. After that we got chatting a bit.. turns out Ron’s a veteran who has been on the streets for over 10 years and suffers from a degenerating spine, in other words, he’s in constant need of medication. It kinda blew me away that someone among many silent warriors that served this country is now in this state of affliction. β€œAn old school Canadian” as he proudly called himself, he was unwaivered by the pain he was in, despite the lack of a promising future, we take ours for granted. Lastly, a few words after he whipped out β€˜Ring of Fire’ by cash on his axe. He proceeded to rip the back cover of a AA battery pack, where he gave me his email address for the photos. It’s instances like this and meeting amazing people such as Ron fuels my unending passion for story telling in the form of photography and without the camera this story will not exist. Thanks for reading.

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A few days ago, I got the chance to photograph @thermeawinnipeg with a few others thanks to @tourismwinnipeg ! We showed up at a nice and early 7:30 am, and were allowed to shoot anything and everything at Thermea until people started coming in at 9! Let’s just say, we all took full advantage of that hour and a half and made magic happen. The place is so beautiful, but more importantly very relaxing if your into this kind of stuff! This is post 1/3 from Thermea, featuring the insta famous dry sauna, a bunch of food (yes please), and the interior of the restaurant! Highly recommend this place, you should go. Like yesterday. #onlyinthepeg #thermea #thermeawinnipeg

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Because we love you, here’s a sneak peek at our @leburgerweek entry this year. . . . #wpgeats #food #restaurant #onlyinthepeg #eatlocal #finditdowntown #merchantkitchen #exploremb #tourismwinnipeg #leburgerweek

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Last one of this series from exploring @thegreattrail at @theforkswinnipeg last week, this one was taken right by the St Boniface hospital all the way zoomed in at 300mm. It’s super difficult to take creative photos with this bridge, but it turned out alright! Anyways... I got one more post today, and two tomorrow from Thermea 😎 then I’ll be off the Instagram grid for a week and in the mountains making camera magic happen! Stay tuned for all of that 😎

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The Farmers' Market is on until 1pm today! Join us to shop farm fresh veggies, locally made products and unique items from Manitoba vendors!⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #exploremb #shoplocalmb #wpg #winnipeglocal #204 #lovelocal #tourismwinnipeg #travelmanitoba

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πŸ‘«I have the perfect first date idea for you! How about 2,5 hours of floating down a slow river, in tubes that are tied together? You can bring snacks, and get out for a swim whenever you feel like it πŸ’¦β  ⁠ TELL ME; does that sound like a great date or what?⁠ ⁠ This is actually possible just a 1,5-hour drive from Winnipeg! When I heard about it I almost screamed with excitement πŸ˜‚β  ⁠ Alas, I didn't go on a date, but brought my current read (a historical fiction covering the affair between F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sheilah Graham🍸) and made some friends along the way (Canadians are SOOOO friendly) πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦β  ⁠ @floatandpaddle @travelmanitoba #exploremb #explorecanada